Aquaponics Solved the Chemical and Farm Pollution Problems in Argriculture

Aquaponics using fishes and plants mutual benefit environment to creatively solve environmental pollution problem, reduce planting needed space, save water, naturally cut down plants growth period, increased plants produce and vegetables tasted sweeter than planted in soil.

It is solved food chain Plants’ fertilizer, pesticide (cut down insects  to be half) and potential heavy metal problems. Meanwhile, it cut down fish ponds pollution problem, improve fish living quality.

On another hand, this fish/plant farm system gives excellent school education chances, supplied organic foods for many families even in the cities, improve neighborhood relationships by exchanging fresh harvest foods, add sight seen for public areas, reduced some elderly shopping for fresh food problems.

The system needs hardware, water (recycle used without be absorbed by soils), fish foods, and electricity. It’s very economic and easy to use.

It is worth to be expanded. Please click and learn.


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Experienced licensed acupuncturist, speaker, author, coach. Founder of the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healer.
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