A Trip to Concord, Massachusetts

On June 21, 2013, I chatted with my friend Amila. Below are our conversation:

She told me that “You should have TV show to talk about your stuffs (The contents from my Energy Healing Book that I am writing.”  Then, I replied that I will not.
“Why? ” My accent.
“We are more likely to  like people’s accent.” But, it’s not for conservative people like east coast.
“How do you know? ”  I was there in May.
“Where did you go?”  Concord, Massachusetts. Oh, if you have time, you’d better to visit.
“Why?”  The energy there is so strong especially for the North Bridge – the revolution war happened there.

“What’s special?” You can notice even tree, stone, everything with energy and they have feeling that they can communicate with you by energy. When you have good intention, universe also rewards you with sings. You can see and feel.

“I believe that!” It reminds me to post it and share it out.

Note: The energy is getting stronger if your intention is good and the feedback is warmer and pleasant. It’s also proportional to how much you can influence or benefit to the world and/or the others.

© 2013 Frieda Mah, L.Ac., NGH C. Ht.


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Experienced licensed acupuncturist, speaker, author, coach. Founder of the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healer.
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