Does Scoliosis Need Surgery?

Someone asked me that does scoliosis need operation or not and how to treat?
My answer:

  1. Scoliosis does not need do surgery.
  2. Use acupuncture or energy healing (book is under writing) or tui-na or hypnotherapy to loosen the muscles and tendons. But follow by chiropractic adjustment right after to make it back to normal gradually.
  3. Or do self correction for mild scoliosis.
    It’s better doing it on a heat pad or a warmer environment to help loosen muscles/tendons. Or, you can so self hypnosis to mild loosen your tendon and muscles.
  4. Treat the root problem of scoliosis – find the root problem – reference:
    Please read
    Only treatment is not enough. Find out the root problem and correct it is more important.

Besides birth defect, poor posture is a common cause for Scoliosis.

How long does it take?
It depends on the severity, practitioners’ ability, treatment frequency, natural of the treatment method, does chiropractic treatment follow immediate after acupuncture treatment or not and how badly you treat your body such as drink/eat cold, poor postures are all can slow down or worsen the results.

It could be a couple of treatments or could be months.

Think about the surgery cost, pain, recovery period, productivity loss, home care problem, possible side effects, etc. No surgery for the scoliosis is the best way to choice.

© 2013 Frieda Mah, L.Ac., NGH C. Ht.



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2 Responses to Does Scoliosis Need Surgery?

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    • universaltcm says:

      Straight spine is important for health due to energy flowing to all organs are in their optimum amount. Therefore, when a child is young, correct child’s posture is extremely important for his/her life long health.

      Before pregnant, correct the potential mother’s pelvic bone to make it even is important for next generation’s health.

      If a new bone with scoliosis and vertebra bone did not deformed, it’s easily to be corrected. Look for a chiropractor’s help. For overseas who is not in the US, it can be corrected by tui-na, massage (should find a good one) or energy healing or fixed by a bone doctor.

      When spin is curved, drink or eat cold or explore in cold wind/environment, can make it worse.

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