Ways That Are Better than PRP to Treat Knee Pain

PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. It is gaining more popular in treating chronic pain especially to treat ligament, tendon, and cartilage degeneration. It’s self growth factor therapy from injection of modified self blood beck into body. The platelet rich plasma contents high concentrate of TGF-β that help to generate increases musculoskeletal connective tissue, PDGF  that attracts stem cells to repairing injury, epidermal growth factor to stimulate growing connective,  as well as the vascular endothelial growth factors and fibroblast growth factor-2  to stimulate oxygen and nutrient flow.

PRP is expensive and it is only last for 2~4 years. It’s due to the root problem has not been solved.

There are so many cheaper ways to deal with tissues injury. The best way is do preventive healthcare such as qi gong, hypnosis or hypnotherapy, meditations in super life secret codes to generate body heat to help circulation and the ways listed below when you feel muscle, tendon tight or when you just feel the pain to avoid costly treatments later.

  1. Acupuncture solve the problem to lose muscles on lower legs and tendons on knees. Most chances 1~2 treatments done. If  patients likes to walk, run or often on their feet. Then, let patients to do raising legs 90 degrees to avoid injuries on the legs/knww/feet: http://wp.me/P2bTkk-v7
  2. After walk and/or when you have leg/hip pain, use tendon pulling bench to pull tendons (拉筋凳拉筋)。
  3. Use universal energy to put hands on knees. I am writing a book “Universal Abundant Love is in Your Hands – open your hands, help yourself, your loved ones and other people”. Everyone has the ability to treat pain. But, depends on situation, the chronic injury takes longer time than acupuncture treatments.

All of them are cheaper and some of them even faster than PRP and last longer.

Comparison of acupuncture and PRP:




Use FDA approved spining machine No machine use, no cost for it Machine is needed
Withdraw blood No blood withdraw, less worries Withdraw blood
Treating method Increase circulation Growth factor
Treatment effected area Benefit bigger local area and remote organs Local
Usually treatment time needed 1~ 3 treatments* for most patients 1~5 treatments
Overall cost Low High
Contraindication No. In addition, correct other abnormal conditions. Severe anemia, low platelet count, abnormal platelet function, active systemic infection or active cancer
Recovery time None. *Treating time is recovery time. Patients can feel the improvement even during treatment such as muscle/tendon loosing. 2~6 weeks or even up to 6~9 months
Other treatments needed None Some exercises or physical therapy may be needed
Insurance cover Yes depends on acupuncturist accept insurance or not** No
Existing time for the method Thousands of years 10 years

*Depends on acupuncturist’s skills. In case of bone injury, depends on injury situation, if involve on bone density, it’s entire body’s problem. TCM can treat the root problem better and long lasting by tonifying kidney or kidney/spleen as well as other needed organs such as heart also invades kidney. However, in case of bone on bone, it takes 3 treatments/week plus herbs for 2~3 months to regenerate tissues. But, every treatment can help reduce pain. In case of no reducing for pain, please such for your drug’s side effects.

**Most acupuncturists who do not accept insurance  usually give patients more dedicate care or have better skills that leads quicker recovering and the total medical cost is reduced.

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2 Responses to Ways That Are Better than PRP to Treat Knee Pain

  1. shame on you for posting this article. Frieda Mah, Acupuncturist… perhaps you feel your 5,000 year old therapy $$$$ will soon fade away because of new treatments.

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