What is the Difference for a Preventive Healthcare Acupuncturist to Treat Pain?

My sister asked me that what is the difference for you – a preventive health provider to treat pain and the other acupuncturists treat pain? All of you said that you can relieve pain by one treatment but you charge more?

My answer is that for the other acupuncturists who charge less only relieve symptom(s). Besides treat symptom(s), we also remove the root problems for pain and other health issues.

For me, like one patient visited me last week for upper back pain, I discovered that her stressed caused a lot problems that were more severe than pain caused damage on her health. I explained to her and take care both stress and pain. Majority of her health issues were solved. She felt calm, emotional released and her sister told me that she also sleep better two days later.

A friend brought her son coming for stuffing nose. I discovery that his immunity went down was due to stress even her son did not sense he had stress. I treated his stress caused problems. After treatment, he felt clam and comfortable: body temperature went to comfortable level, feet got warmer, breathe easily and chest felt more rooms, red eyes almost gone, etc.

A preventive healthcare provider can detect patients’ physical and mental problems about from tongue, pulse, face and many other body signs to prevent sick or sickness getting worse even without patient’s notice.

Majority of patients can not notice that their health got trouble. They used to ask me why do they not know it? I used to tell them that day by day their health deviated from health. Prolonged, they forget where is normal that they had before. Only when after treatment or during treatment can  recall their comfort sensation and feelings come back.

The total medical cost will be ended a lot cheaper in the long run. Plus better quality of life.

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