What Caused Red Blood Staked (Red Blood Cells Adhesion)?

Red blood staked (Red Blood Cells Adhesion or more common acidic blood or blood stasis in TCM) is caused by:

Cold  blood – It the reason why blood cell stacked together. Do you see ice in a hot area’s river or in a hot weather? No. You only can see it in cold weather. The river started has some floated ice, then, ice becomes connected together, then, it becomes thicker and thicker. If it is in a pipe, it will blockage the water flow in the pipe. Then, if the pipe wall is thin and getting colder, the pipe popped. It is the same as our blood vs blood vessels.

Some might argue that fat also can cause sticky blood to blockage blood vessels. Yes. But think about butter melt in higher temperature and it flows will block the blood vessels. Right?

Other reasons are stress, toxins inhaled, absorbed from skin, intake that including drugs, food additives, supplements (need chemicals to subtract effective ingredients), tiredness, etc.

In western medicine will say that it is caused by acidic blood that caused by toxins.

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