Chinese Folk’s Home Remedy for Flu – Catch Cold

It’s the flu season. If you have strong immunity, you can avoid flu. If you have phlegm in your lungs, you’d better to visit an acupuncturist to help you remove them. Otherwise, the phlegm can hold virus in your lungs and cause flu. Or, if your any other organ’s function is weak, or neck muscle/back muscles are tight, you also can get sick in vary symptoms. Please refer to back pain case study 1. Please visit an acupuncturist to treat your root problem. This is the correct way to prevent future flu.

However, there are folk’s remedies in Chinese medicine:

  1. Anything that can help you get sweats out the virus is good. But do not catch cold again when you are sweating – avoid wind.
  2. Drink fresh juice to get natural vitamin C to boost immunity.
  3. Drink Chicken Jujube Soup – Flu – Catch Cold

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