Are You Innocent for Your Bad Health, Part 1

Are You Innocent for Your Health? Is it true?

Majority is true. Some are not such as accident, second hand smoker, etc. However, for the people who trust recurrent life, it is still partially true.

My patients were so often told me that I already XX years did not do it. How can I have…..

There is always a trace for what we did for our body. That can be proved by iridology.

Such as if you had a brand new one layer wood shelf that you mounted on the wall. Then, you started to load heavy books on it. Until it was full and you finished read all books. For 40+ years, you did not touch and change anything on the shelf. The wood on the shelf had decadent later. Suddenly, the whole shelf dropped down. You might say that for near 40 years, I did not touch the shelf. Are you not innocent for putting any weight on it? If it’s an empty shelf, it might fall down far later until the wood broken by other reasons such as termites or earthquake, etc.   

Are You Innocent for Your Bad Health?
Such as:

  1. I already 40 years did not smoke, how come my cough is related to I smoked before?No matter you were first or second hand smoker, the cigaret tar deposited inside your lungs when you were young, your energy was stronger than now, plus, the phlegm was far less when you were young than now. When phlegm inside the lungs accumulated and lungs function goes down, cough can help to expand lung cells of alveolito help breath better.


  2. I have 35 years did not ski, how can I get my hip pain related to it?When you skied and landed by one foot, that side hip will feel hurt when decades later. You even forget you had ski long times ago. However, from the pain, the kind of injury on your body, we can know roughly what kind sports that you had before and which foot did you used to do landing.Be remember, when the moment of landing, your hip. leg and foot ought to bear your weight plus gravity acceleration speed induced force on your body. There is impact on your body – energy and/or blood suddenly get blocked. It can be there accumulated or can be disappeared depends on you constitution and many other factors to see if your body can dispel the congested energy and/or blood. If not, the pain visited you when your energy and circulation go down.


  3. I already not play ball game for almost 40 years, how can you say my chest pain is related to the ball games?The same reason as mentioned above, the impact of ball hitting your chest might cause pain decades later.


  4. My headache related to my traffic accident 15 years ago?I had a patient who had severe headache and traced out a sever traffic accident that her car was damaged by an traffic accident happened 15 years ago. From the damage on her skull – more than 30 very small holes that penetrated through her skull could figured out the accident.
  5. ………

Patients always show that they are so innocent to their sicknesses. How do you think?

From above explanations, if you can accept it, that’s fine. If not or you have other question(s), please put down your question below as a comment. I will do my best to explain to you. Thanks for your visiting. 

Are You Innocent for Your Bad Health? Please come back next week, I might give you more cases to help you avoid sicknesses.

© 2012 Frieda Mah, L.Ac.


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