Do You Over Eat?


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, eating disorder can be caused by

  1. Stress:    (Text explanation)
    In different time periods, I experienced both of stress caused no appetite or overeat.
    Therefore get acupuncture treatment for stress to let organs recover their functions and do moral cultivation to avoid stress.
  2. Drink cold drinks and/or eat cold food also can cause overeat:  (Chart)   (Text explanation)
    Cold foods/drinks lowers body functions and metabolism also causes overeat.
    For your health, stop intake cold stuffs.

On another hand, money driven leads processed food industry to add food actives that shot down brain to send signal to stomach for stopping eating. Please read:
Food Addiction: Could it Explain Why 70 Percent of America is Fat? at
Keep away from processed foods is a smart choice for health.

© 2012 Frieda Mah, L.Ac.



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