How to Get a Successful Concieve and Healthy Baby

There is an article “Most Women Undergoing IVF Have Major Lifestyle Problems” and get many discussions at Linkedin under Find an Acupuncturist.

It’s an interesting article to discuss about one of the costly fertility treatment IV procedure. It’s the time to brief introduce Traditional Chinese Medicine’s concept and treatment for infertility.

My comments are as below:
IV treatment failure is not only related to life style. As previous Karin Danish mentioned bacterial infection that is caused by weak immunity of the patient; Stefan Chmelik mentioned parasitic infection that caused by acidic blood and Neil Borodkin mentioned the “heart” connection. They are all related to the both parents’ health especially the female who wants to pregnant. Such as either parent’s heart condition can affects the future child’s heart. It’s also apply to the other organ’s health. However, when a child has poor constitution when he/she was born, we adjust his/her constitution as early as possible for most conditions due to during a child’s growth, the recover rate is faster and the medical cost is a lot lower than to be treated later or becomes a life long treatment later on.

The infertility female patient’s blood deficiency, cold uterus, uterus wall too thin, etc. are all affect the successful rate of the IV procedure. They can cause hardly conceived or easily miscarriage later on.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we request both potential parents who want to pregnant should change their constitution to be as their highest healthy condition as possible. It’s not due to easily to get pregnant without any outside help such as IV procedure but also get a smooth pregnancy and healthy child in the future especially for the female whose physical and mental health straightly affects the fetus growth. Such as I have a patient when she got pregnancy and constantly got threaten. One of her kids has four permanent teeth missing and another one has two permanent teeth missing. That is due to threaten affects kidney directly and kidneys’ health related to teeth growth and health. Her another kid’s heart got affected from her pregnant emotion. Then, the child had no sweats since he was born until he got a good job and life turning to be happier. The most healthy one is the one during his pregnancy got less threaten and emotional disturbance. Therefore, how to keep the pregnancy women’s emotional stable or keep her happy is heavily rely on her spouse and her surrounded people. Of cause, the pregnant woman also needs to take responsibly to have positive attitude toward her life.

Both parents’ health conditions deliver to the sperm and egg. If conceived, the female’s physical and mental health, nutrition supply especially affect to the child birth defect or birth health such as a liver and kidney deficiency woman could have a birth defect child with brain paralyzed depends on how deficiency she is. Therefore, the ancient Chinese strictly requested to improve both couples’ health as much as possible when condition was allowed before they having a baby. Even, they cut down their sexual encounters in order to get the best quality sperms. Adjust both couples’ constitutions especially for the mom also help to avoid low immunity caused bacterial infection or flu or parasitic infection during her pregnancy in order to get a smooth pregnancy and delivery.

It’s from the traditional Chinese Medicine’s view of fertility for your reference.

What is your experience or opinion? Please share below to benefit the others. Thanks.

© 2012 Frieda Mah, L.Ac.


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